Linclalor s.p.a. is a one of largest manufacturers of night lingerie and beachwear in Italy. The company manufactures and dyes woven fabrics of cotton or yarn. Before going into production all fabrics are carefully analyzed. Each production process is strictly controlled so defective products account for only 1% of the total production. Price and quality are perfectly matched.
Linclalor collection consists of several lines:

Miss Bisbigli – brand designed for women who enjoys every moment of leisure at home. This is a collection of feminine pajamas and nightgowns.

Miss Bisbigli Summer Edition – youth line of swimwear and beachwear. Cheerful and colorful.

Bisbigli nella notte – nightshirts, pajamas, bathrobes careful tailoring to the selection of the most delicate fabrics. Use feminine colors and classic lines.

Bisbigli Lounge – comfortable, stylish clothing for all occasions.

Henejolie – stylish swimwear and beachwear. Thin skillful tailoring does not restrict movement of the body, emphasizes form.

H.J.T. Beachwear – youth brand of swimwear and beachwear, expresses a romantic mood, playfulness.

Linclalor – nightwear brand, consisting of several collections that are designed for elegant women, appreciating the uniqueness and comfort or a young girl who constantly want to feel glamorous. In Nightwear used 100% cotton, viscose fibers and MicroModal.