Italian brand Eleonora Amadei is great demand for women not only in Europe but also in Asia and America. Each collection Eleonora Amadei consists in three clothing lines:

Collection – stylish casual clothes for work, walking, recreation (dresses, pants, skirts, Capri pants, breeches, blouses, sweaters). Universality and individuality of models are accompanied by refined taste.

Cocktail – elegant output clothes (dresses, suits). Each model delights elegance and exclusivity.

Knitwear – fashion knitted clothing (jackets, sweaters). Harmonized combination of colors makes this line special by its practicality.

High quality material, sewing, variety of colors and models, practicality and average prices makes Eleonora Amadei strongly competitive in contrast with other brands. Products are rated for 25 – 45 years old woman and highly regarded by ladies over 50 years old.